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Our Story

We started out making pizza at home as a hobby and after a few years, it became a bit of an obsession. Jesse took a second job at a local pizzeria and eventually quit carpentry to spend more time honing the craft of making pizza, while Sheena left an insurance job to pursue culinary school. Still making pizza at home, we realized it was very rare to find pizza of this caliber in our area, so we decided Pizzaissimo needed to exist.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to make you the best pizza you’ve ever had. We strive for perfection and cut no corners. We keep our menu small, allowing us to spend extra time and attention on fewer items. Our dough is always properly proofed to ensure a flavorful crust that is light, crispy, and airy. Our sauce is made from whole California plum tomatoes, so it’s naturally sweet and slightly tangy. We keep the seasonings balanced in our sauce so the tomatoes’ flavor can shine. Our cheese is 100% whole milk mozzarella and never pre-grated. All of our ingredients and toppings are top-shelf, guaranteeing you’ll get the freshest, best tasting pizza possible.